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Allan, Loudon & Peetz

Influences on work/non-work conflict

Baharim & Van Gramberg

The influence of knowledge sharing on transfer of training:
A proposed research strategy

Baird, Ellem & Wright

Re-working policy: Industrial relations in the
Australian states

Barton & Fairbrother

‘We’re here to make money. We’re here to do business' the privatised state and questions for trade unions

Bartram, Stanton & Fraser

Conflict or cooperation: Industrial relations practice in the Victorian public health sector

Bartram, Stanton & Garraffa

The role of union leadership and identity in building union commitment


Strategic business partner: Rhetoric or reality? The role of human resources in mergers and acquisitions


Union strategies of public sector nurses in Sri Lanka : Issues of revitalisation

Black Gospel & Pendleton

Capital markets, corporate governance, and labour market flexibility: Evidence from OECD countries


Exploring gender in peak union bodies


Women’s organising strategies: Women-only unions in Japan and Korea


An investigation into the effects of job latitude and acquisitiveness on employee well-being

Brown, Waterhouse & Burgess

Public policy and industrial relations in Australia : From centralised collective norms towards decentralisation and individualism

Buchanan, Watson, Briggs & Campbell

Beyond fragmented futures: Where next for working life research and policy?

Burchielli, Pearson & Thanacoody

Managing the intensity of teaching: A research agenda

Burgess & Connell

Reworking work: What are the issues for Australia

Burgess & Waring

AWAs retrospective and prospective

Buttigieg & Gahan

“The glue that binds”: Workplace climate, human resource systems and performance


A new vision for industrial relations: The Howard government agenda

Callus, Carabetta, Coleman & Hart

Redefining work relationships through contractors — Legal and policy developments


The decline of collective bargaining coverage in Australia , 1990–2005


Rationalisation, individualisation and de-collectivisation: Challenges to the socio-cultural regulation of work

Charlesworth & Probert

Why some organisations take on family-friendly policies: The case of paid maternity leave

Cochrane & Mckeown

Managing precarious employment arrangements: Professional contractors and social support

Cochrane, Law & Piercy

Lean, but is it mean? Union members’ views on a high performance workplace system


Reworking merit: Changes in approaches to merit in Queensland public service employment 1988 to 2000


Traditional approaches to the merit principle in the Queensland public service from 1859 to 1959


Australian unionism in a collectivised environment

Cooper & Ellem

Union power: Space structure and strategy

Cutcher & van den Broek

Serving time: The temporal dimensions of front line service work


Deliberation in Irish industrial relations: Towards post-corporatism?


Industry based vocational education and training in Australia and New Zealand

Faifua & Garnham

What’s different about Tasmanian enterprise bargaining? The rise and decline of Part IVA agreements?

Fairbrother & O'Brien

Two paths — one road? Creating managerial states in the United Kingdom and Australia


A current debate on employer’s responses to an ageing workforce


Economic unionism and Labour’s poor performance in Indonesia ’s 1999 and 2004 elections


Encouraging employment equity for women: Can ‘diversity’ programs make a difference?

Frost & Berh

Multiple meanings of the high performance workplace: High performance work organization in low skill services

Geare, Edgar & McAndrew

Legislative inertia: NZ’s reaction to the issue of redundancy

Gillan & Caspersz

The introduction of good faith bargaining in Western Australia : Policy origins and implications for collective bargaining


His masters voice—the interplay between non-union and union representation arrangements at Eurotunnel (UK)

Gollan & Jensen

What’s next for IR in Australia : Reforming the corporation

Goodwin & Maconachie

Employer evasion of worker entitlements 1986-95: What and whose?

Grant & Shields

Reconstituting the subject: Changing representations of the worker in managerial and anti-managerial meta-narratives of work


Many a good tune played on an old fiddle: Industrial relations and the ageing workforce

Hannif & Lamm

Occupational health and safety in the New Zealand call centre industry

Hearn & Lansbury

Reworking citizenship: Renewing workplace rights and social citizenship in Australia


Increased contract employment in the Australian coal industry: Threat or opportunity?


Organising ‘non-standard’ women workers for economic and social security in India and Australia


Globalisation and labour relations: The case of Asian ports


The roles and behaviour of employer associations: Theoretical application for resource dependence perspective


Professionals, practitioners, peripheral product-deliverers: Contested definitions of contingent TAFE teaching


A continuous association: AIRAANZ as a scholarly association


The rise and fall of the Rugby League Players’ Union : 1979–2000


Contemporary industrial relations reform in Korea


A comparative analysis of Union mergers in Australia and Germany

Lambert & Gillan

Spaces of hope: Fatalism, trade unionism and the uneven geography of capital in whitegoods manufacturing

Laneyrie & Mylett

Seeing gender and ethnicity at work

Lansbury & Wailes

Social partnerships in Korean industrial relations

Lansbury, Wright & Baird

Decentralised bargaining in the Australian automotive assembly industry


Contracts versus relationships: An examination of employer resistance to the Employment Relations Act 2000


Government policy, aviation deregulation and the 1989 pilots’ dispute


What ever happened to the arbitration inspectorate: The reconstruction of industrial enforcement in Australia


The work-child care interface: How working women with young children combine work and child care


The fourth transformation of Singapore 's industrial relations

Lewchuck, de Wolff, King & Polanyi

The invisible health risks of precarious employment


Too old to work and too young to die? Older workers, changing labour market patterns and the dilemma for trade unions

Lonti & May

How could pay practices in New Zealand public service organizations contribute to the gender pay gap?

Lyons & Ingersoll

Pattern bargaining in the Australian public service: Still one size fits all

Lyons & Ward

The supply of non-cash remuneration: Employer responses


The demise of Australian shipping: Power and control in industrial relations

Marchington & Rubery

Worker voice across organisational boundaries

Martin & Bamber

International differences in employment relations: What are the relative merits of explanations in terms of strategic choice or political economy?

McGrath Champ, Yang & Kang

The effects of performance management and cross-cultural training on outcomes of international assignments: Preliminary Australia–China findings


Re-working institutions to protect low-paid work: Implications from the Irish experience

Melville Miranda

Rethinking the new public management: Effects on community jobs and practices in Austrlia


Performance appraisals in Australian universities – Imposing a managerialistic framework into a collegial culture

Mourell & Allan

The Statutory regulation of child labour in Queensland

O'Donnell, O'Brien & Junor

Union strategy and structure in a decentralised environment: An exploratory study of the Community and Public Sector Union


New job new start? Union attitudes and studen t w orkers

Oliver & Bailer

How do young people find out about the world of work?


Gender and ideology in employment interactions


Communication and consultation in Malaysia : Impact of the 1975 Code of Conduct


Time and work

Peetz & Pocock

Organising and delegates: An overview

Pini & Price

Gender, identity and women’s involvement in tractor work: A case study of the Australian sugar industry

Pocock, Prosser & Bridge

The return of ‘labour-as-Commodity’? The experience of casual work in Australia


Industrial relations and business ethics

Pyman, Teicher & Ferrer

The paradox of precariousness: Exploring the experiences of part-time and female workers

Rainnie & Drummond

Home grown community unionism in a less favoured region

Rasmussen & Lamm

From collectivism to individualism in New Zealand employment relations

Rimmer & Underhill

Stretching credibility: Independent research versus employer policy objectives in the labour hire industry

Robbins, Harriss & Macklin

Fact and myth: reflections on why Higgins made the Harvester decision


The new migrant worker: Transnationality and the making of new industrial terrains?


The commodification of higher education: Flexible delivery and its implications for the academic labour process

Schulte & Zhu

Globalization and labour relations in Australian airlines industry: A case study of pilot experience


Worker participation in Europe : Current developments and its impacts on employees outside the EU


The 2002/4 dispute in the UK Fire Service

Shields & Long

What exactly is the relationship between HRM practice and Union presence/absence? Evidence from Australian and Canadian firms

Shields, Cuthcer, O'Donnell & O'Brien

Laughing all the way: Executive pay, company performance and corporate governance in the Australian banking industry


Pay equity in the Australian public sector


Political use of the purpose clause in British Columbia labour relations legislation


Understanding what makes union-community coalitions effective: A framework for analysing union-community relationships

Todd & Eveline

The gender pay gap: Reviewed, researched, will it be resolved?


Long run shifts in the industry and workforce structure of the Australian construction industry: Implications for a sustainable labour supply


Why do we bother: recruitment and training in a call centre

Townsend & Price

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire: The targeted selection of informants within organisational research


The importance of having a say: Labour hire employees’ workplace voice

van Barneveld

It’s not fair: The difficulties of union collective bargaining in New South Wales


Case studies in unfair dismissal process

Wailes, Waring & Wright

Shareholder value and industrial relations: Two Australian case studies

Warhurst & Nickson

Rethinking service work and employment: The Pandora's box of aesthetic labour


Corporate governance and industrial relations: A literature review and research agenda

Waring & Burgess

The potential for and limitations of electronic agreement making in Australia


"A good job In the railway": Rockhampton Railway Workshops 1938 to the 1980s


The right to politically strike?

White, Whittard & Burgess

Industrial relations reforms 2005: Where to next?

Whitehouse & Diamond

Reproducing gender inequality: Segregation and career paths in information technology jobs in Australia

Whitehouse & Preston

Women, computing and the 'ideal worker': a comparison of professional occupations


The hidden traps in multi-tasking: The experience of work intensification for personal service attendants in the healthcare sector


The state, industry policy and industrial relations in the Australian automotive industry, 1983 to 2002


Why outsource and what makes it work? Alternative arrangements for work in the health sector