The 2005 AIRAANZ conference, to be held at the University of Sydney, has as its theme ‘Reworking Work'. The conference organisers take a broad view of what constitutes the field of industrial relations and we encourage submission of papers dealing with all aspects of the conference theme. While the theme is open to a range of interpretations, we suggest that it may be explored in two main ways:

The first is to examine the ways in which the reworking of work is unfolding as the nature of and rewards for labour are reorganised, restructured and re-regulated.

The second is to reflect upon the theorising or conceptualising of work, that is, reworking our understandings of work and the social and organisational forms in which work is embedded.

In addressing these issues, the organisers are keen to foster an inclusive and expansive approach to the submission of papers. To this end we particularly encourage papers:
  • from Postgraduate Research Students as well as from established researchers;
  • of an interdisciplinary nature and from scholars in other disciplines who are interested in the world of work;
  • with an international focus, particularly with reference to South East Asia.

We look forward to receiving papers dealing with all aspects for work and industrial relations. We are sure that Sydney and the University of Sydney will provide a vibrant and stimulating environment for the 2005 conference.

Conference convenors
Marian Baird
p. +61 2 9351 6439
Rae Cooper
p. +61 2 9351 5241
Mark Westcott
p. +61 2 9351 4191

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